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Complimentary Comfort Session

Are you suffereing from the loss of your beloved pet? Or, is it time to face a painful decision regarding the welfare of your pet? You are not alone,  contact me  for a Complimentary Comfort Session. Together we explore how to release some of your pain so you can move beyond the sadness to a place of comfort and peace.

This session takes place on the phone and lasts for 20 - 40 minutes.

comfort and peace

Healing Heart Support Sessions

Why is the loss of a pet so painful? Are you surprised by the depth and the variety of emotions you are feeling because of the loss of your beloved pet? This is an opportunity for you to understand why this loss is so painful and the unique relationships we have with our pets that most people cannot comprehend.  I offer a variety of Healing Heart Sessions to suit your needs so you can move into a place of comfort and loving remembrance of your beloved pet.

healing from pet loss

Healing Heart Companion

Are you facing that difficult decision to put your pet down? Are you unsure how to work through this traumatic experience with your family?  I am here to support you.  I work with you and your family before, during, and after this challenging process.  If you live in Los Angeles, I can go to the vet with you or be present when your pet is put down at home. For those of you around the world, I can support you via phone or skype. 

 Follow up sessions are included for comfort, closure, and peace.


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